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David Hutchison,
Technical IT Group Administrator, Australia
"Apexhost is currently using Applicure's doDefender on its main web servers, and will market and increase this across our network in the coming months. Since its inception we have seen clear evidence that dotDefender has blocked many attempts to attack our systems and client websites.”

Jason Silverglate,
CEO of DedicatedNOW, USA
"Offering dotDefender with each of our servers is a natural fit. DedicatedNOW allows its customers 24/7 access to our Dynamic Support, server class hardware and redundant network and in addition, provides a valuable tool - dotDefender. dotDefender is a timely solution to today’s hacking plague. With dotDefender, DedicateNOW’s customers can use the WAF to differentiate themselves in this widely undifferentiated market."

Paul Hernacki,
CTO of Definition6, USA
"dotDefender allows us to provide additional security for our customers' web-enabled legacy applications and to meet their compliance demands. After looking at other solutions, it became clear that Applicure had the best business model and product fit for Definition6 and our growing customer base"

Vlad Friedman,
CEO of Edge Web Hosting, USA
"dotDefender allows me to run my company more efficiently and make money by offering a solution my customers need"

Brian Raboin,
VP Operations of HostMySite
"dotDefender provides great application security, flexible integration & management tools for our customers as well as our technicians, automatic deployment and simple maintenance - which saves everyone valuable time!"

Bill Sullivan,
Director of Mainline's Security Solutions Group, USA
"Mainline has always had a keen focus on providing just the right solution for our customers’ technology needs. dotDefender is a perfect fit for mid-market companies who need to secure their Web assets and achieve compliance without spending an arm and a leg."

Paresh Patel,
President of Securadigm, USA
"Our customers are using many more web applications for online banking and internal communication. Hackers are exploiting this and Applicure’s dotDefender product offers an efficient and powerful tool to protect these applications from attacks."

Ross Brouse,
"Providing dotDefender was a logical step forward to implement greater security for our network and our customers. We see far too many people become the unwitting facilitator of illegal internet activity due to insecure web applications. With the addition of dotDefender, our customers can look forward to a much safer online business experience!"

Mark Smith,
CEO and Executive Vice President of Research
"Applicure and dotDefender was easy to configure to protect our website and allow us to continue our work as a content and research publisher."

Jonathan Smith,
President of ViUX Systems Inc., USA
"Our customers have business-critical web applications and forms hosted on our network, not all of which have been programmed with application security as a primary consideration. dotDefender, an application firewall, is exactly what is needed to protect such applications and the servers upon which they are hosted. An added bonus is that dotDefender also provides our customers with PCI compliance, as well as peace of mind."

JMichael Petty,
PManaging Director, Australia
"We discovered over Easter 2009, that some of our client's web sites were being attacked with SQL Injections. We determined on a software approach as being the most flexible and least costly in terms of technical support time. Reviewing the options, we found dotDefender to be the most effective and best value for money.
Pre- and post-sale we have found the levels of support to be exemplary both in terms of response time and provision of a solution.
We liked the product so much we became an Australian Reseller because we're very happy to promote its value proposition."

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