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dotDefender is an enterprise-class Web application security solution. Please see our articles below to find out more about how dotDefender prevents prevalent attacks such as SQL injection and XSS, as well as how dotDefender provides e-commerce security and wider web server security.


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IIS Server Security

There are several important steps you must take to ensure your IIS server security.

Cloud Security

Securing data in the cloud is one of the most important topics for business today and into the future.

Apache Server Security Tools

Apache server security should not be taken for granted, even if you assume that Apache is a secure Web server.

Prevent Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Attacks

Analysis shows that to 90 percent of all websites are vulnerable to cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. How about yours?

E-Commerce Security

With online credit card fraud and data theft on the rise, securing your e-commerce website has never been more important.

PCI DSS Compliance

PCI DSS requires vigilant code review, or the implementation of a Web Application Firewall (WAF). dotDefender gets you on the road to PCI DSS compliance within minutes.

Hacking Attacks

Internet applications are used to communicate, collect data, research, sell products, and handle business processes from hiring to customer relationship management. And hackers know it!

Credit Card Security

Credit card security is a vital consideration for any online business that deals with financial transactions.

Prevent Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks

Preventing Denial of Service (DoS) attacks, a common and dangerous exploit of your Web applications, is easier with dotDefender.

Website Security

Securing websites is necessary in the face of rising hacking attacks and new standards for protecting personal and financial data.

Web Application Firewall

Securing your data behind a Web Application Firewall (WAF) such as dotDefender protects your website from hacker attacks.

Web Application Security

Strong security for Web applications is critical to the success of your online presence, preventing hacking attacks and mitigating the risk of data fraud and theft.

Prevent SQL Injection Attacks

SQL injection, exploiting SQL vulnerabilities in Web applications, is today’s most common hacking attack. dotDefender prevents SQL injections attacks before they compromise your website.

Software WAF vs. Appliance WAF

The advantages of software are clear - lower costs, more flexibility, and easier integration - delivering enterprise-class protection at a fraction of the cost of hardware equivalents.

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