NetMagic Solutions and Applicure Team Up

NetMagic Solutions, India's leading Managed IT Service Provider, has partnered with Applicure Technologies Ltd. Netmagic’s Appsecure services, powered by dotDefender aim to protect customer websites and Web applications against malicious users. These hackers use a variety of methods such as SQL Injection to exploit vulnerabilities in the Web applications, most of which go unnoticed by traditional network security technologies.


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dotDefender will provide NetMagic customers with the ability to augment their current security measures, eliminate security breaches, prevent hacking attacks and adhere to compliance requirements. With its advanced central management and open integration capabilities, dotDefender has become the website security standard in the hosting industry worldwide.

Nitin Mishra, Head of Product Management of NetMagic Solutions, said “As the hosting provider of choice for mission critical applications, NetMagic hosts large internet portals of India’s best and well known businesses. With the ever increasing and changing threat of application attacks, NetMagic was looking for a robust and scalable solution to provide Web application security for its customers. Mr. Mishra further explains: “dotDefender from Applicure was our natural choice because of its technical superiority and protection against a wide range of vulnerabilities. As a host based software solution, it eliminates the single point of failure associated with other solutions. Delivered on the SaaS model, with strong central management capabilities, dotDefender is the only solution that provides a unique operational and economical solution for managed hosting providers.”

Yaacov Sherban, Applicure CEO, stated; “NetMagic Solutions is a leader in the Managed IT Services field, at the forefront of hosting providers with state of the art security offerings for their worldwide customer base. Following our meetings in Mumbai, we both realized that NetMagic and Applicure share a vision that is reflected in our approaches to security technology. dotDefender will now be available to NetMagic Solutions’ large global customer base, strengthening their position in the hosting industry.”

About NetMagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd

NetMagic Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is India's leading Managed IT Service Provider specializing in Internet Data Centers, Managed Hosting, Infrastructure Management Services, Application Services and Availability Services. More than 700 customers worldwide rely on NetMagic for ensuring high availability, seamless performance and security of mission critical Hosted Applications. These services are delivered via state-of-art Internet Data and Network Operations Centers in India and the US. Among NetMagic customers are market leaders from industry verticals including, banking and financial services, e-Commerce, education, hospitality, healthcare, IT&ITES, logistics, manufacturing and media. Netmagic delivers world class services to its customers in association with its channel and alliance partners. NetMagic currently manages over 4000 servers and 6000 network devices worldwide as part of the Infrastructure Management services. The management services are delivered from its state of the art, 24X7 network operations center based out of Mumbai.

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