Applicure Partner Program

The Applicure Partner Program is designed to give our partners all the tools they need to provide the best Web application security solution possible. Whether you need the latest product download, documentation, marketing materials, sales programs or a place to offer feedback, it’s all yours as an Applicure partner.


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If you are interested in partnering with Applicure to provide your customers with the market-leading dotDefender Web application security solution, we’d love to hear more about your business and ways we can work together: Apply to become an Applicure Partner today

Partner Program Features

Free software and documentation

Applicure provides full licenses of both dotDefender and Central Management to partners for testing, training and demonstration purposes. Additionally, if you would like to deploy dotDefender for internal use, we’ll give you substantial discounts as well.

Free Support

Applicure provides second level support, as well as business support, free of charge to partners to facilitate your technical and operational business processes.

Free Sales Training

Applicure provides scheduled training for sales people, both on Web application security in general and dotDefender specifically, with no charge other than travel and expenses. On-site training is available for a minimal fee.

Free Technical Training

For the technical crowd, Applicure also provides in-depth training about hackers, attacks, Web application vulnerabilities, and defense techniques using dotDefender. Integration with other technologies using Web Services is also covered.

Marketing Development Funds

MDF are available to be used for any mutually agreed upon marketing or sales program or event. Based on commitment level, these funds are a great way to generate leads and jump start sales.

Simple Terms

Applicure believes that artificial barriers are not conducive to successful partnerships. We use two simple documents, a mutual NDA and a two-page agreement, to ensure that we can start working together to build revenues quickly, rather than negotiating clause after clause in lengthy legal documents.

Discounts Based on Level of Commitment

Partnerships cannot truly be successful unless both parties are generating revenue. Generous partner discounts are an integral part of the Applicure program, and are based on the type of partnership and level of commitment.

Joint Marketing Plans

Developed with each partner’s markets, goals and business models in mind, unique plans are developed together to ensure realistic goals and buy-in from both parties.

Collateral Kits

From standard components - brochure, presentation, demo, scripts, etc. – to completely customized elements, the marketing team at Applicure is ready, willing and able to work with partners to create marketing materials to meet any business need.

Multi-Level Branding

Applicure is happy to work with partners to create awareness campaigns for both dotDefender and its partners’ services and solutions.

Lead Generation

One of the keys to a profitable partnership is a steady stream of leads to progress and nurture. We strive to build lead generation programs which are customizable for each partner and its specific market requirements.

Personal Interaction

Each partner is assigned an account manager to be the primary point of contact and to facilitate communication and business processes.


Applicure wants to builds and maintain long-lasting partnerships that truly help each of us grow our business. One of the best ways to ensure this is to develop clear and open two-way lines of communication. So we establish community relations in two ways:

  1. Internal – Partners get a direct connection with Applicure’s support and development teams, both to facilitate issue resolution and to add valuable input to product direction.
  2. External – Partners are welcome to contribute to Applicure’s blogs, thought leadership programs, case studies, and other outreach programs.

Let’s Talk!

If this sounds like your kind of partnership, let’s talk about it! Please give us a call or contact us via our Partnership Application Form. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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